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BoatBot is revolutionizing boat ownership! Discover how we can elevate your boating experience with game-changing features and tools!

BoatBot Vitals

Stay proactive! Get notified about upcoming service needs regarding engine hours, generator hours, fuel levels and fresh water levels and any other vitals you wish to monitor ensuring timely maintenance.

Streamlined Vendor Communication

Request services for your vessel 24/7 and communicate with technicians in the app. No more playing phone tag or waiting on returned emails. Clients receive instant updates when job status changes at the end of the communication one.

30-Day Risk Free Trial

Join BoatBot today with a 30-day risk-free trial! No credit card required.


BoatBot’s artificial intelligence has been fully trained to answer any marine question; mechanical errors, vessel maintenance, and any general boating query. You always want CaptainAI in your corner! 

Customizable Checklist

Create a punch list of services your boat requires… And get an immediate update once all items are complete. No more requesting 5 items and being surprised when only 3 are complete!


With Advanced Geo-fencing and instant alerts, you can effortlessly keep tabs on your vendors’ exact arrival time, duration, and departure on your boat. Gone are the days of uncertainty and waiting around for vendors to arrive. No more wondering if they’re still onboard or if it’s safe to head back to your beloved vessel. BoatBot has your back, simplifying your life and giving you peace of mind.

BoatBot Profile

BoatBot’s game-changing feature – the virtual cloud-based BoatFax makes organization effortless! Need to check when your last oil change was? No problem. Want to verify the date of your last hull cleaning? Easy peasy. BoatBot has digitized and simplified your boat’s service history, making it a breeze to access important information at a moment’s notice, whether you’re preparing for a day out on the water or preparing to sell your vessel, BoatBot has you covered.

Experience Your 30-Day Free Trial

See for yourself how Boat Ownership Just Got a Lot Easier with Al-Powered BoatBot! All Owner Pro Features Included in Free Trial!

Owner Basic

$ 4
  • Gain control of the servicing your boat & receive Real-Time the Status of the Work Requested. Boating Just Got A lot Easier!
  • 1 Primary User
  • 1 Boat Limit Per Owner Basic App
  • BoatBot Custom Boat Profile
  • Cloud Based Vendor Management
  • 24/7 Automated Service Requests With Photos
  • Real-Time Geo-Fence Alerts on Vendor Arrival & Departure
  • Multi-Lingual & AI One-Click Translation (English & Spanish)
  • Real-Time Job Status Alerts
  • Unlimited Custom Job Checklists
  • In-App, SMS & E-Mail Alerts
  • Auto Service Order Documentation by Vendor
  • AI - Speech-to-Text Capability
  • "AI Revise" Professional Re-write any Notes
  • * $.99 Service Fee Per Service Order

Owner Pro

$ 19
  • Pro-Active Management of Your Boat in the Palm of Your Hand! Empowering Owners with a "Virtual Boat Manager" On-Board at All Times!
  • All Features in Owner Basic Plus
  • 1 Additional Primary User
  • Multi-Boat Capability
  • Custom Start-Up / Shut-Down Checklist
  • Captain AI ”Virtual Captain”
  • Boat Vitals "Critical System Automated Service Alerts"
  • Boat Availability Calendar
  • Vessel Document Storage
  • BoatFax Report
  • "One-Click" Vessel Transfer
  • * $1.99 Service Fee Per Service Order

Frequently Asked Questions

Our gift to you! See for yourself the extensive features and functionality of BoatBot as a Boat Owner or Vendor.

BoatBot is unique in the marine tech world. It connects boat owners with their own preferred service providers and doesn’t force you to switch. BoatBot sets itself apart by using AI to proactively guide you, taking the initiative and making boat management effortless, so you can relax and enjoy your time on the water. CaptainAI, helps with marine questions and troubleshooting. Plus, we offer instant AI Translation and AI Revise document editing for clear communication and documentation. BoatFax stores all your boat’s records virtually and makes ownership transfer and insurance claims easy, all within the app. It’s a one-stop solution for all boat management.

Your Captain needs BoatBot! Our Geo-Fencing feature ensures they know exactly when service providers are on your boat, improving transparency. Customized service orders, checklists, and real-time updates on order status give peace of mind that all service and maintenance are handled. The boat calendar ensures your boat is ready when you want to use it, and we proactively alert you to upcoming service needs. Plus, our Pro version ensures the crew is always on the same page. BoatBot enhances your team’s efficiency and keeps you in control, minimizing surprises and maximizing your enjoyment of their boat.

BoatBot streamlines vendor operations. It integrates seamlessly with payment systems like QuickBooks. Vendors face various challenges beyond their skills, including communication, documentation, scheduling, and billing. Customers may delay payments or misunderstand proposals, causing pricing/discount issues. Managing all these aspects can be overwhelming. Some use multiple software tools to handle administrative tasks. BoatBot simplifies everything in one user-friendly cloud-based platform. Welcome to Vessel Management Evolved with BoatBot.

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Get Your Ship Together!

Join BoatBot today with a 30-day risk-free trial! No credit card required.

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