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BoatBot – Empowering Brokers and Brokerages to deliver more value to and enhance their client relationships. In the world of boat sales and services, staying ahead is all about smart solutions.

With AI-driven data and analytics like BoatFax, brokers can make better-informed decisions and provide their clients with more accurate information faster. This not only speeds the sale but also enhances their reputation as knowledgeable professionals and increases referrals.

Innovative technology like BoatBot keeps brokers at the forefront of the marine industry, offering excitement in adopting cutting-edge tools.

The Broker/Buyer Lifeline

Brokers are a critical lifeline for boat owners. BoatBot can help you navigate the service and maintenance questions you receive. Imagine handing your new boat owner an app preloaded with your recommended vendors, as well as a start up and shut down checklist to boost their confidence taking the boat out on their own.

AI-Powered 24/7

Boat owners demand constant support, and with BoatBot, you can provide it seamlessly. Our AI-powered platform handles service requests around the clock, ensuring your clients are never left unattended.

Introducing BoatFax!

BoatFax stores all boat records virtually, making evaluating a boat much easier, ownership transfer is now at the click of a button and insurance claims just became a whole lot faster, all within the app. ​

BoatBot Helps Brokers (& Vendors) Increase Revenue

Now, brokerages can expand their service capabilities by providing comprehensive maintenance services directly through the app, eliminating the need for the owner to deal with multiple vendors.

Essentially, you can create a service department without actually having an entire service department. This not only eliminates the need for hiring and training staff but also boosts recurring revenue. 

You can become a master vendor who outsources to other vendors, creating an additional revenue stream. This benefits the smaller vendors by taking the admin work off of them and gives the brokerageleverage over those smaller vendors to get the jobs done. Forging stronger partnerships with vendors increases the level of customer service to the owner and creates a year-round relationship so that when it’s time to upgrade, they come directly to you as their trusted resource.  Let BoatBot help you increase your deliverables and increase your value!

boatbot for brokers and brokerages
  • Do you spend too much time answering non-revenue-generating questions, like “Who do I call for what?” or “How do I do this?” after the sale?
    • Imagine if all those answers were right there at the fingertips of your client, all set up and pre-approved by you.
  • Finding it hard to stand out amongst a sea of brokers?
    • What if you could provide the information they needed, such as entire service histories, at the click of a button to help them make a more informed decision? What if you could help them get out on the water and feel more confident on their new boat from day one faster than ever before?
  • Ever had a client call upset about a service issue that is entirely out of your control?
    • What if you could instantly provide them with all of your trusted service vendors and captains proactively and professionally when you handed them their boat so you knew they were in good hands?
  • Witnessing your best customers leave for the competition?
    • Imagine your top client leaving for another brokerage simply because they offer a more convenient and hassle-free boat maintenance solution. Would you want to risk this scenario?
  • Boatbot helps solve these issues!

Brokerage Marketplace Reality

  • Lack of service infrastructure 
  • Lack of qualified personnel
  • Trusting potentially unproven vendors
  • No current service options
  • Limited recurring income after the sale
  • Lack of loyalty and stickiness

to Brokerage

  • No large capital outlay for service division
  • No need to hire and train service techs
  • On-Demand Service for clients
  • Creates Stickiness with clients
  • Increases recurring revenue $

How BoatBot Helps Owners


BoatBot’s artificial intelligence has been fully trained to answer any marine question; Mechanical errors, vessel maintenance, and any general boating query. You always want CaptainAI in your corner! 

Customizable Checklist

Create a punch list of services your boat requires… And get an immediate update once all items are complete. No more requesting 5 items and being surprised when only 3 are complete!


With Advanced Geo-fencing and instant alerts, you can effortlessly keep tabs on your vendors’ exact arrival time, duration, and departure on your boat. Gone are the days of uncertainty and waiting around for vendors to arrive. No more wondering if they’re still onboard or if it’s safe to head back to your beloved vessel. BoatBot has your back, simplifying your life and giving you peace of mind.

BoatBot Profile

BoatBot’s game-changing feature – the virtual cloud-based BoatFax makes organization effortless! Need to check when your last oil change was? No problem. Want to verify the date of your last hull cleaning? Easy peasy. BoatBot has digitized and simplified your boat’s service history, making it a breeze to access important information at a moment’s notice, whether you’re preparing for a day out on the water or preparing to sell your vessel, BoatBot has you covered.

How BoatBot Helps Vendors


AI-generated service reminders are automatically sent to clients to ensure consistent business. Reminders are based on engine hours, generators hours, fuel levels and fresh water levels… ensuring timely maintenance.


Easily track all outstanding invoices and proposals to make sure you never miss a thing. Plus create pre-populated proposals and send invoices via text for instant payment. 

Integration with QuickBooks is also available.

24/7 Client Care

Enjoy 24/7 online service requests and automatic updates sent to clients about the status of their vessel. Automatic updates sent to clients about the status of their vessel, always keeping them informed about the progress of your work. 33% of boat owners surveyed say they would willingly pay 20% more for a convenient hassle-free experience! Embrace the future of client engagement and growth!

Employee Management

Geo-fencing technology ensures technicians can locate, report, and service vessels efficiently.

Upon arrival, the service request and checklist pop right up on the technician’s phone, providing all relevant information for the service call so they’re always professional and prepared!

Language Translation

Break down language barriers effortlessly with BoatBot. Imagine your techs speaking into their phones in their native language or a language they are comfortable with, and instantly, their notes are transformed into clear, professionally written entries in the boat profile! With BoatBot it’s that easy! No more transcribing service order notes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our gift to you! See for yourself the extensive features and functionality of BoatBot as a Boat Owner or Vendor.

BoatBot’s platform facilitates unparalleled connectivity between brokers, buyers, sellers, and service providers. This interconnected ecosystem means brokers can easily coordinate maintenance or repairs and access a detailed log of service histories and maintenance schedules, among other things.  Essentially a brokerage can create a virtual service department without the hassle and expense of a full service department.  This feature not only streamlines the brokerage process but also instills confidence in buyers and sellers alike, ensuring transparency and trust long after the sale.

Every new boater wants to feel confident that they know what they are doing and who to call if they need assistance with their new investment. With BoatBot, Brokers can pre-load their trusted vendors and create pre-trip and post-trip checklists to help their new clients feel more comfortable out on the water on their new boat. Building trust and credibility as a valued resource is what keeps the client coming back.

Until now, service records have been a scattered process, to say the least.  BoatFax provides the entire boat service maintenance history, not just what has been recorded through insurance claims.  You can now feel confident you are providing accurate information to your client during the decision-making process.  In addition, having the ability to transfer all of these records at the click of a button at the time of vessel sale is invaluable for both the seller and buyer.

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Get Your Ship Together!

Join BoatBot today with a 30-day risk-free trial! 

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Get Your Ship Together!

Join BoatBot today with a 30-day risk-free trial! No credit card required.

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