Introducing BoatBot...

The only AI-powered, boat-centric technology that seamlessly bridges the gap between boat owners and their trusted vendors in the marine service industry. Elevate your boating experience today!

Our Mission

Empowering the Marine Community with Intelligent Solutions

BoatBot is transforming the marine industry by connecting boat owners and service providers. Our AI platform delivers 24/7 service requests, instant updates, and proactive maintenance insights; streamlining operations and strengthening community bonds. At BoatBot, we’re committed to seamless interactions, transparent services, and unforgettable boating experiences.

Our Vision

Yacht Management Evolved

BoatBot imagines a world where boating equates to simplicity and efficiency. We use AI to remove industry challenges, redefine the boating experience, and make interactions between owners and providers smooth and transparent. With BoatBot, both boat owners and vendors can navigate the waters of service and maintenance with unparalleled ease and confidence.

Hold my beer...

Calling all fellow Boat Owners and Vendors,

The marine service industry is about to undergo a remarkable evolution! My name is David Johndrow, an enthusiastic boat owner from the sunny shores of Southern California, and I’ve had the pleasure of boating across diverse waters worldwide. While I absolutely love boating (we literally named our boat “Happy Place”), I can’t deny the frustration of arriving at my boat only to discover yet another issue. 

That’s when my amazing wife and I embarked on a journey to find a more “boat-centric” technology solution—one that ensures your boat is shipshape before every adventure.

Just picture a convenient one-stop-shop that simplifies the lives of both boat owners and trusted vendors!

Fueled by our background in the tech industry, Maryann and I took matters into our own hands. 

To gain a deeper understanding of boat maintenance and operations, I even obtained my 100 Ton Master Captain’s license! 

Our mission was crystal clear—we aimed to create a revolutionary boat-centric AI-powered app that would empower boat owners and vendors to manage their boats or service business from their cell phone or tablet.

After months of dedicated research and rigorous testing, we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce you to BoatBot—the ultimate companion for both boat owners and service providers. 

With BoatBot by your side, you’ll regain complete control over your cherished yacht and service business, bid farewell to all the hassle, and reclaim your own personal “Happy Place” out on the water and in the office.

Trust me, BoatBot is the solution you’ve eagerly awaited. 

So make sure to sign up below for special pricing and be among the first to join the evolution!


Founders, BoatBot

Get Your Ship Together!


Get Your Ship Together!

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